Co-founder and Vice President Kim Eckenroth, MS, APRN, FNP-C, often writes devotionals for our staff. We thought you might also appreciate them, so we created a special section on our blog to share them with you. We hope they touch your heart too.

Proverbs 15:4 “Gentle words bring life and health…”

I was once asked to lead our team devotional and chose “The power of positive words” as my topic. So I did a Google search to research documented support for the biblical principal of positive words and the impact on our thinking. Up popped some interesting studies about how positive thoughts increase serotonin, the neurotransmitter of joy.  Along with increased joy, serotonin decreases anxiety. Our mood and outlook are greatly enhanced by this very powerful molecule. 

Upon further reading, the impact on our thought process by negative thinking also popped up in studies. Research on depression, anxiety, and changes in existing neuropathways within the brain became predominant themes. Negative thinking is like sending your bowling ball into the gutter on a bad toss. In other words, it is also like making a shortcut on your computer desktop that takes your mind immediately to a state of unhappiness.  

I placed in the search bar “positive effect of words with video.” Up came the site of a Japanese researcher who has spent his entire life studying the impact of our words on different elements. Professor Moto studied the impact of the spoken and written words  on water. After the water was exposed to certain words, he froze it and used a microscope to determine the crystallized pattern on the sample of water. He also looked at the impact of music on water along with rice and plants. His research has been reproduced over 100 times by other scientists. It is a fascinating study. The 3 minute video is very interesting. 

My challenge to all of us today is how to take this information and apply it to our own lives. If what I say to water can be visibly impacted, what I say to you and everyone else is of great importance. I  need to be more deliberate in the choices of what comes from my lips. How I approach my interaction with Don, Tyler, family and friends, patients and you guys, needs to be more intentional. 

Praying God keeps our eyes on him today as he convicts our hearts on how to make his word more real and applicable to our everyday lives.  His great love surrounds each of us. 

Blessings over you all today and angels around you and your families.