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Our Team

Helping you live comfortably.
Honoring your wishes.
Supporting your family along the way.



Don Eckenroth

Founder and President

Founded GSH in 1994

Bonnie Davis

Executive Director of Administation

Assisted in founding GSH in Dec 1994

Leana Kail, MSW


Joined in Oct 2000

Tracie McKenney

Executive Director of Strategic Development and Mission Advancement

Joined in Nov 2001

Carrie Rater, RN

Executive Director of Patient Care Services

Joined in 2008 with 9 years of nursing experience

Nurse Practioners

Kim Eckenroth, MS, APRN, FNP-C

Vice President

Co-founded GSH in Dec 1994

Heather Staley, FNP-C


Joined in 2016 with 9 yrs nursing experience

Tonya Robertson, RN, MSN, FNP-BC


Joined in 2012 with 24 yrs nursing experience

Cassandra Taylor, RN, MSN, FNP-C


Joined in 2017 with 36 yrs nursing experience


Joanna Asselin, RN, BSN, CHPN

Roanoke & Lynchburg

Joined 2013; Awarded Oakey's Hospice Caregiver Award in '16

Pam Casey, LPN


Joined 2015 with 30 yrs eldercare experience

Heather Farmer, RN, BSN, CHPN


Joined 2003 with 28 yrs nursing experience

Becky Goodman, RN, BSN


Joined 2016 with 33 yrs nursing experience

Emily Hill, RN, BSN, CWOCN

Roanoke, Director of Nursing Services and Staff Development

Joined 2016 with 3 yrs nursing experience

Mackenzie Lipscomb, RN, BSN


Joined 2018 with nearly 2 years experience

Donna Mitchell, RN


Joined 2016 with 15 yrs nursing experience

Tammy Moore, RN, BSN


Joined 2012 with 21 yrs nursing experience

Pam Moysakis, RN

Director of Quality Improvement

Joined 2012 with 49 yrs nursing experience

Breana Rojas, RN


Joined 2015 with 1 yr home health experience

Penny Springs, RN


Joined 2016 with 12 yrs nursing experience

Sarah Stump, BSN


Joined 2018 with 3 years experience

Kristin Waskey, RN, BSN


Joined 2007 with 14 yrs nursing experience


Marilyn Bailey, CNA, CHPNA


Joined 2003 with 2 yrs of experience

Maryluz Cole, CNA


Joined 2017 with 9 yrs experience

Pam Hinkle, CNA


Joined 1995 with 30 yrs experience; Oakey's Hospice Caregiver Award in 2018

Jessi McCullock, CHPNA


Joined 2016 with 8 years experience

Gwen Mosebrook, CNA, CHPNA


Joined 2011 with 15 years experience

Tracy Ritter, CNA, CHPNA


Joined in 2013 with 3 yrs experience

Timmea Wolfe, CNA


Joined in 2017 with 10 years of experience

Other Members of the Care Team

John Furman, M.Div., PhD


Joined in 2012

Allie Hammond

Social Worker

Joined in 2018

Heather Geisel

Social Worker pursuing MSW, Lynchburg

Joined in '15 with 4 yrs eldercare experience

Brian Whited, M.Div.


Joined in 2008

GSH Staff

Mary Glenn Aydlett, RN, BSN

Hospital Liaison

Joined July 2010 with BSN and 35 years of nursing and healthcare experience

Charlene Baker

Hospice Services Representative

Joined 2015

Mary Bowser

Executive Administrator

Joined in 2018

Stephanie Butler, RN

Director of Quality Control and Staff Education

Joined in '09 with BSN, 32 yrs nursing experience

Jennifer Crawford

Executive Administrator of Patient Care

Joined in 2010

Terry Dowdy

Director of Volunteers and Bereavement Services

Joined in 2011

Tonya Finnerty, RN

Community Health Education

Joined in '19

Michelle McCormick


Joined in 2019 with 18 years of experience in healthcare

Lynette Mull

Director of Strategy and Mission Advancement

Joined in 2018 with 15 years experience in healthcare and biomedical R&D

Sasha Scott

Executive Administrator of Operations

Joined in 2005

Denise Smith

Hospice Service Representative

Joined in 2011

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