We make house calls.

Our interdisciplinary hospice care team would be honored to join you in caring for patients wherever they live — in their home, with a caregiver, in an assisted living community or at a skilled nursing facility. When faced with a life-limiting illness, we can help improve the quality of your patients’ lives and support their family members and loved ones.  

Now offering a free online e-library with educational articles, caregiving tips and a monthly newsletter to help your patients manage difficult symptoms, make important decisions and deal with serious illness.

As a matter of philosophy and practice, Gentle Shepherd provides hospice care to anyone who meets Medicare’s and our guidelines. Regardless of religious affiliation, we “meet people where they are,” honor their wishes and help families make the most of their final days together.

Service Area

Gentle Shepherd Hospice serves the Roanoke and Lynchburg regions, including the surrounding counties. Please give us a call at 800-789-0586 to find out if we can care for your patient if they live in one of our partially served counties.

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When we are sad, often the best medicine is to talk with someone. If you are the person listening, you may find it challenging to witness your loved one's sadness as they struggle with the losses inherent to illness and aging. It's natural to want to "fix" their...

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