Gentle Shepherd Hospice continues to closely monitor COVID-19 and following all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Since early in 2020, our multi-disciplinary emergency preparedness response team has been coordinating all operations in accordance with guidance from the CDC and Virginia Department of Health.

This team continues to direct the following efforts:

  • Implementing emergency preparedness plans, including monitoring of our supply inventory and making adjustments as necessary to our infection control policies
  • Following our standard clinical protocols for preventing the spread of infectious diseases, including proper hand hygiene and appropriate use of personal protection equipment.
  • Supplementing these policies as needed with COVID-19 specific policies, including screening for illness post travel or potential exposure.
  • Working with local and national public health resources to ensure we have the most up-to-date information in our approach to mitigating the spread of the virus.
  • Educating patients on symptoms that indicate a need for emergency help or further medical care.
  • Utilizing our volunteers to call and send cards to patient families, offering companionship, encouragement and prayer.
  • Inviting prayer requests and hosting of a weekly Facebook devotional event by our Chaplain, Brian Whited.

We continue to work with our long-term care and nursing facility partners to provide care for our patients who reside there in accordance with their policies.

If you are currently a Gentle Shepherd patient or family caregiver of a patient and have questions or concerns, please call your hospice nurse or our main office, 800-789-0856.

Please also do not hesitate to call us if you know someone who needs the support of hospice care during this difficult period. As specialists in providing end-of-life care in a home setting, we can help.

For updates and helpful information, check out our: 

Other COVID-19 educational resources:

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