Job 8:9       “Our days on earth are like a shadow.”

Last week, there was a long traffic jam on 81 North. When I heard it was an accident I called my son Tyler immediately to be sure he was not in it because he was not yet home. Relief flooded over me when I heard his voice on the other end of the phone and said he had been detained at the office and was just leaving Roanoke to come home. I told him there was an accident on 81 and to take Route 11.

Shortly after the call, Don and I went down to Brughs Mill Exxon for some ice cream and to sit on their porch. It wasn’t long before two wreckers pulled up in the parking lot with the cars involved in the accident. A southbound car had crossed over the median and went for a half mile down the road before meeting the car pictured above.

It was reported that the driver of the southbound car had been drinking. She lived. The car she hit flipped over the rail and the driver died at the scene. That person had no idea their life would be forever changed in that moment of time, at mile marker 155.5.

Job reminds us that our time on earth is so very brief. No guarantees for any of us.  The most important decision in this moment is whether we have assurance of knowing where we will spend eternity? Jesus is our only hope, our strength, our joy, our healer, our provider and sustainer until our work here, whatever time is left, is completed.

You all mean the world to us. Praying for you all, your safety, health, family and wisdom as you go about this day. Angels around you till you arrive home safely tonight.

Don and Kim

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