Staff comments compiled by: Lynette Mutter Mull, Director of Strategic Development and Mission Advancement

Hardly a week (or day) goes by without us receiving a thoughtful thank you note from the loved ones of a patient we have cared for. Mary Bowser,
one of our executive administrators, usually scans and emails the notes for all employees to see.

Today we received two notes with generous donations to Gentle Shepherd Charities in their loved ones memory. The family’s heartfelt words of gratitude never fail to warm our hearts. The nurses who provided “wonderful care” were mentioned by name, followed by glowing praise about how they “went above and beyond.”

Without fail, as soon as these appreciative sentiments show up in our inbox, replies start coming in from fellow colleagues. Today’s email thread beautifully illustrates what it means to be a part of the Gentle Shepherd Family.

In her email this morning, Mary said… “What a blessing it is to work for a company that cares so much!” I said a silent Amen and thanked God that he led me here. Based on numerous conversations I’ve had with my co-workers, I know everyone feels the same.

One of our nurse practitioners chimed in saying that “Even with a heavy patient load, you all show the best parts of yourself every time you step out of the car. Lord knows how you keep up! Every single one of you, including the office staff, shine every minute of every day. And when our patients notice, it confirms to us that we are honoring the ‘Gentle Shepherd way’ which sets us apart. My pride in you guys grows every day. If I can’t imagine my life without all of you in it, imagine how our patients and their families feel!”

Michelle McCormick, a new staff member who coordinates admissions, said, “I second that! Ya’ll in the field have been especially AMAZING with whatever has been sent to you. I feel so blessed to work with such wonderful, kind and giving people. God is so good!! Even when we might not be at our best, he gives us strength to keep pushing. Thank you for what you do on a daily basis to impact the lives of these people who so desperately need us.”

And this just one little glimpse of one very typical all-employee email thread at Gentle Shepherd Hospice, where we love and support each other in giving our very best to the families we are honored to serve.