Dear Gentle Shepherd Hospice Board of Directors,

I am writing in regards to services I am currently receiving from your “family”.

First, let me explain my referring to you as a “family”. I have had the honor, yes honor, of receiving my services from people who I have grown to care about deeply. The “staff” as you would call them, who have been in my home, have been more than employees/caretakers to/for me. I have been blessed with Marcia T., Sonja G., and Pastor Bryan W. for my “new family of choice”.

I’ll start with Sonja, as she was the first person I met when I became “needy” of your services. I had heard many good things already, through many friends, who had used several of the area hospice providers, so I clearly had a hard decision to make. I asked my Doctor who she would choose if it were her…while reluctant to “name any one in particular” because, as she explained, this really needed to be my decision…she spoke of a few, with high regard, and I settled “happily” (considering the circumstances) with GSH.

Sonja arrived later that very afternoon! I was surprised how quickly everything fell into place. I “clicked” if you will, with Sonja immediately. She had an essence about her that put me at ease. She was and continues to be a great source of knowledge in her chosen field of Social Services…. I have always felt comfortable with whatever suggestions she offered, that were then put into place. I knew whatever services she offered would be in my best interest. Sonja, continues to see me on a regular basis and I always look forward to her visits with much love and respect in my heart! She always has time for me, allowing for whatever amount of time I may need, within reason, to discuss my concerns or for that matter, the needs of my family. Sonja went on to set up counseling services for my husband and other family members in need of them. My husband has had, as you can imagine, a very difficult time dealing with my illness. His counseling sessions have been of great support and comfort for him! Needless to say, our world has been turned upside down…and will never be the same again. Not only are we dealing with my illness but as well we have lost my mom and his brother unexpectedly recently…and the true empathy of the “GSH family” has been amazing. Sonja never leaves my home without a beautiful and meaningful prayer time…This means so very much to me.

Next, Marica T. RN, walked through my door, just as Sonja was finishing up with me. Again, I am certain some people may not click with everyone that they meet, but the Good Lord blessed me once again with Marcia. Again her knowledge & skills exceed anything I could have expected. She is very thorough with her “assessment” of my physical and emotional needs. She is one of a kind as well. She listens to my every concern and days when all I can do is cry….she lets me do that and encourages me to let it loose. I have met several of the nurses, through Marcia’s vacation time, her training “new angels” coming on board with GSH, etc. and yet again, Marcia does not leave until ALL of my questions and concerns are addressed. Personally, I keep a journal, at Marcia’s suggestion, for her to read and see how every day has been…and this has been a great resource for all of us involved… She too always takes time to pray with me, which for me personally is a Godsend! She is truly my angel in “white”. She has my love and respect for all she does to keep me comfortable through a very
difficult time.

Lastly, Pastor Brian came by. I believe he waited and came the next day and only after calling me to see if I was interested in having him come by for some Pastoral counsel. I have my “own” church/ Pastor and hear from Pastor Ken of Fellowship Community Church often, but let me say that Pastor Brian is so caring and so very special to me. On a visit early into my care, I wanted so much to hear an old familiar song from my church in Illinois. I could only give him the chorus of the song….nothing else…my memory had let me down when it came to the name of it. The following week, Pastor Brian called and asked if there would be a good time for him to come by. I said of course….anytime. Within the hour, he showed up and in his hands he held a single piece of paper, with the words to the song…THE HYMN OF PROMISE…not only did he bring me the words, but SANG the song to me…the tears flowed freely that day…he will never ever know what he did for me….I could never properly thank him…

As you can see, the journey that I am currently on, I have given to, first and most importantly, My Dear Lord Jesus Christ, and then to “my” Gentle Shepherd Hospice family. They continue to more than meet my needs and are a blessing truly for myself, family, and even some of my dearest friends, who take turns “babysitting” me…LOL. A big bonus for me is that they (GSH) all never leave my home without a prayer with me, and whoever may be here with me at the time. These days are very difficult to say the least and some days the pain has me not thinking clearly at all…my ” GSH family” is always looking for ways to improve my comfort through this journey…they are my inspiration…my hope and my life is literally in their hands by MY choice! I am happy to say that if given the chance to do it all over again….I wouldn’t change a thing…not ONE thing! Kudos to my group of folks that care for me…..Obviously, they are who they all are because of their upbringing and just in general who they have become over a period of time. I am indeed blessed through and by each and every one of them! These folks will be with me quite literally ’til the end…through MY wishes! My sincerest thank you goes out to the owners/administrators of GSH…because they hand pick these folks in their hiring process…I have the level of service I have…Keep up the excellent work GSH….your patients and their families are counting on you to.

My sincerest thanks & may God Bless you and your families, each and every one!

“Angels encourage us by guiding us onto a path that will lead to happiness and hope.”
Andy Lakey

I want to say thank you for the Easter “basket” I received. It was very thoughtful and very much so unexpected. I appreciate all the kindness, dedication, and compassion of your staff. The professionalism of your staff that works with me goes beyond anything I could have imagined. I pray you all have a wonderful Easter. GOD BLESS!