When Mr. Bailey proposed to his girlfriend, Sharon, almost 30 years ago, the two decided to not “rush into things.” They have known each other for over 50 years and had a wonderful friendship before their romance begun. Years went by and the couple was happy with the companionship and adventures they experienced. Jamaica is their favorite place in the world.

When Mr. Bailey became ill, Sharon became his main support and has never left his side (even while experiencing her own health issues). Two weeks ago, he decided to honor the promise of marriage he made all those years ago. On July 13, surrounded by their families (and one lucky nurse), the two became one. Mr. Bailey’s grandson was able to perform the ceremony. The love and joy that was in the air was almost palpable!

Congratulations to this amazing couple! Gentle Shepherd is so honored to be able to walk with them as they continue their journey together!

– Becky Goodman, the lucky hospice nurse

Update: Mr. Bailey passed away just a few weeks after their wedding. We will always remember how he inspired us to “make the most of every day!”