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Learning for Life

As we age or are dealing with a serious illness, we answers and guidance to to address our questions and concerns. Gentle Shepherd has created an online educational resource center loaded with helpful information to support you in making the most of every day.

Take some time to explore our online e-library for family caregivers and Hospice Resources which includes a videos, downloadable booklets and a blog with regular articles to help address your questions and concerns. You can also join us on Facebook for timely tips and stories about our staff, community partners and mission activities.

Gentle Shepherd also offers an interactive and informative “Time to Talk” Speakers Series for community group presentations. Topics include:

Transitions in Aging
Learn tips for fostering productive communications with your loved ones. This talk teaches you how to stay engaged so you can thrive in your community.

Reflections: Then & Now
Enjoy an array of remembrance items from times gone by. Reminisce how you used these items bringing back memories from your childhood and beyond. Discussion revolves around memories related to specific items and how they were once used in your daily life.

Benefits of Laughter
A lively, fun presentation that will encourage participants to let go and laugh. Learn the many health benefits of laughter and tips for integrating laughter and cheer into your daily life.

Living with Gratitude
Discover how an attitude of gratitude can change your life and your outlook. Learn tips for becoming a more grateful person.

Taking CARE of the GIVER
Learn how to take care of yourself as you care for others. Discussion centers around how to manage symptoms of caregiver burnout, recognizing when to take a break, how to ask for help when you need it, where to find the strength to keep going.

Embracing the Seasons of Life
Learn how to age gracefully and accept the physical, emotional and social changes that come with advancing age.

Staying Healthy This Summer
Tips for making the most of your summer by properly caring for yourself.

Grief and Loss at the Holidays
Feelings of loss intensify during the holidays. Arm yourself with information and helpful tips to help alleviate feeling so sad and lonely when everyone is celebrating.

Five Wishes
Video presentation on making important end-of-life decisions when you are no longer able to make these decisions for yourself.

Contact us to schedule a speaker to talk with your organization.

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