Over the past several years, we have been the primary sponsors for Camp Braveheart. Through this comprehensive, Christ-Centered summer camp, we have seen dozens of children and teenagers that have lost someone they love – a sibling, a parent, a friend – and are going through the grieving process find comfort and hope in the good news of the gospel of Jesus as it is applied to their hearts and minds in real, tangible ways. Not only does it impact the child, but often the entire family finds further healing.

Here are just a few of the stories of hope and healing from children:

"My children have attended Camp Braveheart the last three years, after the sudden accidental death of their sister. What Martha does for these kids is unique – they get to experience the gospel in a very real way, in the middle of the ugliness of life." Paulette (parent)

"When we lose a loved one, our heart is shattered - but God puts the pieces back together" - Abigail (former camper)

"This has been a life changing event for my kids… there are no words that can even pull together how much this means to me, and how kids are blessed by this camp." Jana (parent)

“I felt good about sharing about my dad, and honoring my dad. It's sad going through that stuff - but being with 50 people that went through that - knowing that I can weep, I can cry, knowing that I am not going through this alone.” - Blake (former camper)

"The things these kids learn through camp, seeing kids cry with those that are crying, and rejoice with those that are rejoicing, it has had a huge impact on me" - Justin (pastor, camp counselor)

"Sometimes the burden of grief is really heavy, you can't always do it alone - but there is always someone to help you through." -George (former camper)

This year's dates for Camp Braveheart are June 20th-June 25th; it is open to students in grades 3 through 12.

For more information, you can call the camp director, Martha Furman, at her office at Total Life Counseling: 540.989.1383; or visit their website: http://www.campbraveheart.com .